Founder  & VR Specialist, Mystics

Film Maker & Director, The Mad Film

Bhrahma Gyan & Arul Nithi, Yoga & Meditation

Global Speaker in Wellness & Future Technology



Madhusudhan better known as Mad is determined, workaholic, Taurus man born on 15th May. He is a Kayakalpa  & Kundalini yogi since 15years trained under his Guru Vethathiri Maharishi and attained the Brahm Gyan. But there is something more added to the formation of MYSTICS. He is the beast of burden, a Director.

He is a masterful storyteller and has a keen eye on detailing. The personal touch is what he gives to all his work right from the studio floors till the edit table. Mad had directed more than Fifty Ad Commercials, Fashion Films and Theatrical dance across Asia, US & Europe for regional, national and international brands...  His filmmaking started with 35mm film camera to now in 360...


Virtual Reality is what excites him the most as this technology lets him explore his whole artistic power of Live Stage Plays, Choreography, his experience of handling the set, sound & lighting and his treatment of Direction skills, making it as a story living experience for the viewer. As a technician, he likes to challenge himself and keeps mastering his Filmmaking technique by adapting new technologies of storytelling. He considers Virtual Reality to be a very powerful medium which can influence the viewers leaving a very strong impact on them.


He is the pioneer in creating a room-scale VR experience on Spirituality called V R SKY. It has gained popularity and recognition across the globe and transformed the perception of life to many. Madhusudhan was at the United Nations as one of the youngest Panelist on International Day of Yoga 2018 talking about World Peace through yoga and meditation. He takes you on a journey into a different realm blurring the lines between the physical and the virtual world making you question the nature of reality. His ultimate purpose is to create the connection to discover the relation of Man with the Universe. 


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