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V R SKY is a realisation of Supreme reality with Virtual Reality!. The life began from cosmos, this is an experience where life looks back at the cosmos. The viewer’s mind is virtually elevated to the Cosmic state using the evolutionary energy residing within the self. “V R SKY” is an experience where we connect the human consciousness with all prevailing consciousness, The Absolute. The viewer realises that he/she is “Aham Brahmasmi” (I am Infinite Reality)

title. V R SKY

Type. Interactive VR

Platform. Gear VR, HTC Vive

A step ahead in Technology...

When the viewer wears the Headset, he is set on a journey from earth to cosmos understanding the ‘self’. An astral body which comes from within him shows him through the process of awakening the energy chakras. 


VR for Good...

At Mystics, we consider VR to be a very powerful medium which can influence the viewers than another medium of storytelling so we decided on creating VR for good contents.


VR SKY is not just an meditative experience it is a Self-constructive and self awareness experience  understanding the connection between the human consciousness and the all prevailing consciousness ( Jiva atham and Paramathma) 

Which helps us to realise everything in this world is connected and every action will have its consequences.

Special Premiere at UNITED NATIONS on World Yoga Day 2018, NYC

Displayed at CANNES 2017

Madhusudhan, creator of VR SKY
Panelist @ United Nations, NYC
International Day of Yoga, 2018


Special Premiere at UNITED NATIONS on World Yoga Day 2018, NYC

@ PEACE in the PARK with Brahma Kumaris,

20st July 2018, Manhattan, NYC

@ Cannes Film Festival, France

A Man with Parkinson finding peace and joy after experiencing VR SKY  

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