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Captured in VR, the Krishna’s Vishwaroopam (universal form) which made His devotee Arjuna awestruck: “My dear Lord Krishna, I see assembled together in Your body all the demigods and various other living entities. I see Brahma [the progenitor] sitting on the lotus flower [which sprouts from the navel of the reclining Garbhodakasayi Visnu (the maintainer, Krishna’s plenary expansion)] as Lord Shiva [the destroyer, at left, attired in a leopard skin] and many sages and divine serpents. O Lord of the universe, I see in Your universal body many, many forms–bellies, mouths, eyes–expanded without limit.”

title. The Universal Form

Type. Narrative VR

Platform. Gear VR

On display at ISCKON temple, Culver city, CA

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